The General Bursary Scheme

Bursaries have always played an important part in the School’s commitment to providing a first-class education for as many promising pupils as our resources will allow. Whilst financial help is available for new pupils as appropriate, bursaries are also required to support those families who find themselves in difficult financial circumstances part way through their child’s education, often through no fault of their own. Bursaries are awarded following close consultation with individual families regarding their financial circumstances.

I was a bursary recipient and remain hugely indebted to this wonderful gift that I was offered. I firmly believe that without it, I would not have had such significant opportunities in my life after school. Knowing how privileged I was, has directed my own career, and I now teach in order to help young people understand how to make the most of all the opportunities they are given.

gayle russell (l 05)

The Life-Changing Bursary Scheme (LCBS)

The Life-Changing Bursary Scheme (LCBS) was launched in 2010 to provide opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who have the potential to benefit from a boarding education at Oundle. We aim to have fifteen LCBS pupils in the School at any one time. Children on the Life-Changing Bursary Scheme are fully supported financially, allowing them to participate in extra-curricular activities and trips. The School has formed productive partnerships with the Royal Springboard and Eastside Young Leaders’Academy (EYLA), who provide valuable support to children within their home environments to help them thrive at School.

Oundle is only able to extend this opportunity due to the generosity of those who are inspired by the possibility of extending the advantages that they enjoyed to young people who would otherwise not be able to afford the same opportunities.

The Life-Changing Bursary Scheme did exactly that; it changed my life and influenced me to keep working hard. It also gave me a new dream – to be able to send my children to Oundle one day in the future.

sam ige (g 14)


Scholarships are numerous and highly prized, but do not automatically attract any fee remission. They are awarded in recognition of proven talent. Scholarships currently exist to recognise distinctive academic ability or special talent in Art, Drama, Music, Sports and Technology. A significant number of General Scholarships are offered to reward all-round talent and leadership. All Scholarships are won in open competition and are awarded solely on merit. Scholars are expected to provide the School with intellectual and cultural leadership. All scholarships are underpinned by bursary assistance if the financial circumstances of the individual family necessitate it. 

To discuss the Bursary and Scholarship programme further, please contact:

Matthew Dear
Director of Development 
The Oundle Society
West Street
T: 01832 277293