Pupils will usually receive a lot of support from their peers, teachers, Matrons, Housemasters, Tutors etc., often at a very informal level. For the vast majority of time this will get them through any difficult patches that they might face. On some occasions, however, pupils might find that they need to talk to somebody in confidence, or someone independent of the School.

There are several places they can turn to within the School, and they may choose to approach, for example, the Mental Health Lead, Pastoral Mentors, Chaplains, School Doctors, School Nurses, and the Independent Listeners.

The Mental Health Lead and Pastoral Mentors form the Emotional Wellbeing Team who offer one to one sessions in the private setting of the Clayton Rooms. The confidential and therapeutic support offered can be accessed via a self referral form on the intranet pages. Difficulties ranging from friendship and family issues, anxiety and low mood are managed sensitively, linking with parents or carers, school staff and the School GP when necessary.

In addition to the independent listeners who are contactable by telephone, a team of House Friends (who are not employed by the School in any other capacity) pay regular visits to specific Houses, and are available to chat on a drop-in basis.