No two pupils are the same, and the range of support and care which the boys and girls have available at Oundle means that they can be treated as individuals, and find someone to discuss their questions, seek a particular piece of advice or lay their concerns to rest.

All pupils have a Tutor with whom they will meet regularly; in one-to one sessions to discuss reports, targets, choices, problems and achievements; in group meetings with the Tutor group, and informally around the House and School. The Tutor is also a major point of contact between staff and parents.

Leading the team of Tutors and carrying overall responsibility for the pastoral care of the boys and girls is the Housemaster or Housemistress. Their role is diverse, from ensuring the environment of the House is safe and comfortable, to setting the tone and ethos necessary for good behaviour and successful community living, and encouraging every member of the House to develop their own talents whilst supporting and contributing to the endeavours of the House and School. Every House has a Matron, who in addition to managing the domestic affairs of the House, also helps to look after the health and welfare of the boys and girls, and provides another adult within the House to talk to.

Qualified nurses and the School Doctors in the School Health Centre not only provide round-the-clock medical services, but are also available for advice when needed. The School also has the services of a professional counsellor, and a network of independent listeners, whom the pupils may contact for a chat or advice. Our Child Protection and Welfare Group provides guidance and monitors the progress of any individuals who need more structured support. Members of the Chaplaincy also visit the Houses on a regular basis.

From the structure of the House Tutorial system, to the much more informal access to Matrons, Chaplains, School Doctor or senior pupils, the framework of pastoral care at Oundle ensures that at every stage, each pupil's development is monitored and fully supported.

Mrs A Meisner
Deputy Head Pastoral