All pupils take this course in the Upper Sixth: it is based on lectures given by eminent guests on a wide range of topics, and includes discussion periods in mixed groups.

Past speakers have included two foreign secretaries, President Kaunda of Zambia, the First Minister of Northern Ireland, Lord Tebbit of Chingford, Baron Patten of Barnes, Baron Heseltine of Thenford; James Watson, the discoverer of the structure of DNA, and two other Nobel Prize winners; the ex-Head of the KGB in Britain and Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, Head of MI5; Professor Stephen Hawking, Professor Robert Winston and Professor Richard Leakey; Natalie Clein, Craig Ogden and Jeremy Menuhin; Kazuo Ishiguro, Simon Winchester and Ian Hislop; John Simpson, Michael Buerk and Martin Bell, Lord Sebastian Coe, Gary Lineker, Henry Winter, Hugh McIlvanney and Michael Atherton.

A Sixth Form concert and a ‘Concept of Remembrance’ lecture are held annually, as are memorial lectures in honour of Sir Peter Scott and Joseph Needham, two of our most prominent Old Oundelians.