From the time they arrive in Oundle, pupils are encouraged to take part in a wide range of sports, and team sports are particularly important in the First and Second Form.

We want all our pupils to be fit and healthy; to develop skills that will help them to get more out of the sports they play; to enjoy competing for their School or House with pride; and to learn to win without triumph and to lose without despair. The co-operation and camaraderie of the sports field are vital ingredients in the social life of the School, and also provide important lessons for life.

The First and Second Form boys play rugby, hockey and cricket as their major sports. The First and Second Form girls play hockey, netball and a mix of cricket and tennis as their major sports. Matches against a number of local independent schools are usually held on Wednesdays, with weekly afternoon training sessions on various fields and pitches around school.

On Saturdays a varied programme is on offer with football in the Michaelmas term for the boys, while girls prepare for the netball season. There is a variety of water-based activities for both boys and girls in the Easter Term, and a range of sports such as athletics, rowing, rounders, swimming and tennis in the Summer Term.

The coaching staff is composed of a team of experienced internal and external coaches and residential specialist Sports Fellows.