The Community Action programme aims to cultivate a spirit of service and encourage an awareness of the needs of people from different sectors of society. Over 300 Fifth and Sixth Formers participate in the programme on a weekly basis, not only in the immediate neighbourhood, but also in Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough and Peterborough.

Weekly activities involve people with special needs, children, the elderly and community groups and projects.

Pupils working with special needs groups travel to nine different special needs schools for children, meet special needs adults at community art and evening clubs, supervise horse riding and rowing, and assist two partially sighted hosts with household tasks such as shopping, housework and gardening.

At a wide range of schools from nursery to middle schools, each pupil has the opportunity to develop a strong working relationship with children and staff, becoming a valued member of the team. Pupils provide classroom assistance, as well as sports coaching and supervision at after-school homework clubs.

While some pupils host the 660 Club at School with activities and an afternoon tea at a weekly get-together for seniors, other pupils visit care homes or meet elderly residents in their homes and help with tasks around the house.

Work with community groups is wide-ranging, from environmental work at the nearby country park and renovation at the Nene Valley Railway, to work at the local veterinary surgery and the Oundle Museum. Further afield, pupils assist at the Peterborough Soup Kitchen, and help to run a community village shop.

Skills based activities include running ICT classes and learning sign language.

Annual events include a speaker programme, the Community Carol Service, the sponsored Sleep Out in a Birmingham car park to raise funds for St Basil's Hostel for homeless young people, and Have-A-Go-Days, when the School hosts afternoons of fun activities for special needs children and adults.