The programme for Academic Scholars provides our most able pupils with a range of additional opportunities designed to challenge, stretch, inform, provoke and inspire.

Under the guidance of a Tutor, Colloquia take place once a month for each year group, during which a members of the Common Room lead seminar-style discussions on a range of specialised subjects. As Scholars move up through the school they are encouraged to take the lead, present on their own academic interests, devise their own sessions and invite speakers.

Pupils explore fine arts, literature, history, aesthetics, music, ethics and theatre, encountering big ideas, great thinkers and significant moments in intellectual history throughout the ages. Recent sessions have included “The post-enlightenment clash between science and religion”, “Reader response theory”, “Debunking stereotypes of the Arab world” and “The concept of ‘truth in politics”.

All our Scholars are encouraged to participate in academic opportunities such as Science challenges, Maths Olympiads and essay competitions, while cultural experiences beyond School include trips to museums, lectures, the theatre and the opera. Additionally there is a full off-timetable day of workshops and talks for all Scholars across the School, organised around a single unifying academic theme.

Mr S Jessop