At the heart of the School’s education philosophy is the life of the mind, and an understanding of how the individual pupil learns best. The social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional needs of the pupils drive our educational agenda.

Our curriculum equips our pupils to think. We believe in providing a curriculum that is organised by learning rather than by assessment. The curriculum is sufficiently flexible to give all pupils the opportunity to excel. Non-vocational education of the kind we offer here is about more than just ancient civilisations; it is about recent history, modern languages, and our own literature, language, and art, and the study of science. It equips people to appreciate and to think.

The curriculum is structured into two distinct but complementary and mutually reinforcing strands. Throughout the curriculum we wish to promote excellence and achievement.

In the examined curriculum, we aim for efficiency in preparing our pupils for public examinations. At Oundle, success in public examinations is deemed important as a worthy educational aim.

Non-examined courses and voluntaries form an important part of the curriculum of the School. We aim to teach beyond the prescribed curriculum thereby broadening the intellectual horizons of our pupils.

Mr IC Smith
Deputy Head Academic